New Chiropractic Patients
From The Internet in 2017
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Ways To Grow Your Practice

New Patients

The number one chiropractic marketing strategy DC’s want is… new chiropractic patients. And the fastest and easiest way to make that happen is online. There are dozens of ways to generate new patients online with Facebook, Google, Twitter and more. Click the Get Started button above to see my top picks for growing your practice.

Patient Retention

Often one of the most overlooked strategies in chiropractic marketing is patient retention. You’ve spent time and money… or both… to get that new patient into your office so it’s a good idea if you learn how to keep them. In fact it’s been shown that it’s 5x more expensive to get a new patient than to keep a current one. Click Here for some great strategies.

Increase Referrals

We all love new patient referrals. It kind of tells us we are doing a few things right. But it amazes me how many of your patients don’t know you want to help more people. So they never refer. Or maybe you’re just not that great at asking for referrals on a regular basis. Here’s a resource where you can pick up a couple patient referral campaigns to get you started: CLICK HERE FOR FREE REFERRAL CAMPAIGNS