Negative Yelp Reviews

Great chiropractic marketing video by Dr. Jeff Uhrmacher showing you how to beat Yelp and make it so your prospective patients see 5 star reviews.  This is also a great strategy for Google+ reviews for chiropractors.  Take a look at the video and see how one chiropractor improved his Yelp rating in 12 hours.

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Decompression Appointments

CLICK HERE if you’re ready to get started. I will get back to you within 48 hours. Please only fill this out if you are ready to take your decompression to the next level. You MUST fill out THIS FORM if you want to find out if your area is available. If you’re not ready…

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Chiropractic Time

Where did the time go?  It’s the middle of June, your practice is still stagnant, and you’re asking yourself… “what have I done with my time?”  What have I done to create new patient growth?  What have I done to increase referrals from my current patients?  What have I done to reactivate my previous patients?  And…

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1,238 People Saw This

Dr. Jeff Uhrmacher reveals how he got 1,238 people to see a Facebook post on a page that only has 83 likes.  And he did it WITHOUT doing any paid promotion.  You can do it for your practice fan page too. You can see the entire series for Viral Chiropractic Practice right here: Viral Practice…

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Viral Practice Checklist

I wanted to put together a checklist you should be doing in your chiropractic marketing based on my Viral Practice series.  These are the steps and bullet points you should focus your energy on.  And the beauty of it all… it only takes a few minutes per day.  You’ll even be able to delegate it…

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Viral Chiropractic Promotion

In this viral practice marketing video you will see how to create an effective Facebook post on your practice fan page.  You’ll also be able to look over my shoulder as I set up a real life Facebook ad promotion for the post.  This is how you really branch out and start affecting your community.…

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Chiropractic Marketing Gone Viral

In this chiropractic marketing video you will discover how to get your patients to help you “go viral.”  Your patients have a huge impact and influence on your practice.  This video will show you how to tap into that influence and create a referral like stampede to your office. – Dr. Jeff Uhrmacher Part 1:…

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Viral Practice For Chiropractors

In this chiropractic marketing tutorial you will see 7 basic principles that can make your practice go viral on Facebook.  And the best part is… you can do it all in less than 5 minutes per day from the comforts of your computer, laptop or smart phone.  Let me give you my world famous chiropractic…

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Target Your Chiropractic Marketing Area For Google

In this training you’ll see how to target your chiropractic marketing area so you make Google happy in the search arena.  Doing this one thing can drastically shorten the time it takes to get your “virtual endorsement” from Google… AND… it’s a great long term strategy.  And no matter how many times I tell chiropractors…

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Your Chiropractic App

Do you have an app for your practice?  I’m not for… or against having an app for your office.  But let me tell you why having an app in your chiropractic marketing arsenal… for most… is simply a waste of money. Let me start this conversation by asking you a couple questions. How does an…

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